1. Hooray! You are the girl who goes.

  2. You are going, girl: yippee.

  3. It looks like you've gone. I'm really happy for you.

  4. For the love of God, go from the place where you is currently at.

  5. Go, you! You are the girl who go! And that is terrific! I am so happy!

  6. Okay, so my inclination is to say something like, "Great job, really fantastic, really." But the way you went just now was beyond fantastic; perhaps beyond words. I'm in shock. I didn't know that you could go like that. I didn't know anyone could.

  7. You is a woman; please it is very nice that you have gone so much, they is all very pleased, and it is me too who is being pleased. Help me!

  8. You went! I tell you: it is very woohoo that you did went such well. When you will be on Oprah?

  9. You say, "I can go," and I say, "So you can, but everyone can go." But I see you go and it is better, this "go," than if the other people have do it. It is swell.

  10. I just simply love the way you go. It was really perfect, or as close to perfect as I think I'll ever see. I have cable if you want to come over and watch TV and chill or whatever.

  11. Whih-hew, yew go gerrrrrrl!

  12. Woohoo,

  13. I saw you go. It was very nice. Word.

  14. There are those who think that the girl should not go. And I include my opponent in what I said, what I will say now and also later, at a later period in history. What I'll say is we can't forget the lessons of September 11th(TM). To do so would be increduluous. That's -- heh -- that's just how I see it. I just think it's wrong. Different interpretations, I guess. Heh.

  15. I've never seen a woman go like that. Or a man, for that matter. I hope that doesn't sound sexist: I just mean that of anyone I've ever seen go, this was sort of different. Or: the same but different? Weirdly? I can't really explain it.

  16. Go, woman. To you I say, "woohoo," and I only say "woohoo" on special occasions.

  17. I want for you to be gone; this will bring pleasure to me and the others.

  18. The going that you has done is very nice. Where is the place that you have learn to go like that. It must be a very nice place.

  19. I go, "it is you!" Yay.

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